Krimskrams für Lehrer / Bits and bobs for teachers


Here you find buttons to provide students with ideas about how to present their project. Of course every button needs some elaboration when you present it to the student: Which tool can you use? Teamwork or individual work? Analogue or digital? 
If you need one, go to the "Download a file" section. If you like one button, but you need to adapt it, choose the "Download PPTX or Slides" section . A new window should open where you can see the shared files of my Google Drive folder. 

Download a file

Click here and a new window should open where you can see thumbnails of all buttons in color and in black and white. You must simply choose the one you like.

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Die einzelnen Bilddateien gibt es auch in deutscher Version und zwar hier:

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Download PPTX or Slides

Click on the button below to get the Google Slides and / or the Powerpoint presentations. You find all the buttons in there and can easily modify them.

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Hier geht es zu den deutschen bearbeitbaren Präsentationen (Google Slides und Powerpoint) 

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My personal use of these buttons is that I use them to give my students a large choice of the "how" when it comes to presenting learning results. The "what" and "when" must be provided or agreed on. Needless to say that not every idea is suitable for each topic. I will add a page with proposals of online tools for as many buttons as I can. So check back occasionally.